About the Author

I was a reader at a young age. I recall my parents being proud that I could read before I entered kindergarten. The elementary school I attended had a summer reading requirement. Some of my peers groaned over this summertime assignment. I never did.

The book assignment gave me an opportunity to go to the library (one of my favorite places), and to curl up with a good book in a shady corner of my backyard or in the comfort of my bedroom any time during those hot months.

Writing came a short time later. I was encouraged to write short simple pieces starting in second grade. Once, in middle school, I somehow collected all the written poems and stories I had done over the years, placed them in a pretty notebook, and presented them to my mother and father for their anniversary.

High school and college steered me towards science, yet the writing impulse never left me, I simply turned to journaling as my outlet.

Finally, about a decade-and-a-half after college, I began my quest to become an author in earnest. I attended seminars and lectures. Additionally, I started reading and writing at an accelerated clip.

As many authors will tell you, they write because they have a story within them that needs to be shared with others. A Father’s Tears is the story that was inside me and the one I wish to share with you.

I am currently a member of the following groups promoting writing, writers, illustrators, and readers:

  • WriterHouse, Inc.
  • The African American Authors Book Club
  • The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators